Precise Lightning Data for Electrical Transmission Grid Operators

Gain insight into the use of lightning data at electrical transmission grid operator HOPS, a long-term customer of nowcast.
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Lightning data is great. And hail warnings all the more so!

The car dealer hail-warning-service of AIOI/Toyota Insurance Services Germany.

Interview with Hans Christian Hansen, Vento Maritime

Today we have the pleasure to conduct an interview with our brand-new Partner Vento Maritime and its COO Hans Christian Hansen.

Interview with Neil Durham, CEO of Wagtech Projects

Neil Durham is the founder and CEO of Wagtech Projects, with over 30 years of experience in the business. Today we have the pleasure to interview him on his partnership with Nowcast.

Lightning hits the new Genova San Giorgio viaduct In Italy

On the 7th of September 2020, one of the 43 lamps on the famous new Genova San Giorgio bridge in Genoa, Italy was hit by a lightning strike.

Nowcast’s high-precision lightning data used at Croatia Control Ltd. since 2009

Croatia Control Ltd. is the ATC-Agency in Croatia. Their mission is ensuring air traffic safety to the highest standards and to provide air navigation services to keep the air traffic above Croatia and Europe safe and efficient.

Germany Lightning Report Summer 2020: Weakest season since start of measurement

Last summer, exactly 2,659,493 lightning discharges were recorded throughout Germany, 732,199 of them with a current intensity of at least 5 kA.
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Why ultra-precise lightning and thunderstorm monitoring pays off

6 reasons highlighting the value of professional lightning data.

MicroStep and nowcast

MicroStep-MIS has been operating in the area of environmental monitoring since 1993. Since then, MicroStep-MIS has established itself as an accepted and respected worldwide player in the field.

5 essential facts to consider when choosing your lightning detection network

In case you are planning for a new lightning detection network: There are major differentiators between technologies but also more hidden details that affect both quality and overall costs.