Informe del rayos de Alemania en el verano de 2020: La estación más débil desde el comienzo de las mediciones

En el verano pasado se registraron exactamente 2.659.493 descargas de rayos en toda Alemania, 732.199 de ellas con una intensidad de corriente de al menos 5 kA.
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Why ultra-precise lightning and thunderstorm monitoring pays off

6 reasons highlighting the value of professional lightning data.

MicroStep and nowcast

MicroStep-MIS has been operating in the area of environmental monitoring since 1993. Since then, MicroStep-MIS has established itself as an accepted and respected worldwide player in the field.

5 essential facts to consider when choosing your lightning detection network

In case you are planning for a new lightning detection network: There are major differentiators between technologies but also more hidden details that affect both quality and overall costs.

Saving lives in Malawi – UNDP has chosen nowcast’s LINET technology

Malawi’s death rate by lightning is 16 times higher than in other countries in southern Africa. To combat this, UNDP has chosen Nowcast’s LINET technology to create an ultra-precise lightning detection network in the country