Lightning Hits The New Genova San Giorgio Viaduct In Italy

Another example of ultra-precise lightning detection

Nowcast LINET, the renown high-precision lightning detection system with best-in-class location accuracy and excellent detection efficiency (measuring even strokes below 2 kA), delivered another impressive example of its capability.

On the 7th of September 2020, one of the 43 lamps on the famous new Genova San Giorgio bridge in Genoa, Italy was hit by a lightning strike.

This lightning event was detected and located with extraordinary precision by nowcast’s LINET Lightning Detection Network, that identified the lightning as an upward cloud-to-ground stroke with a peak current of 14.7 kA at 02:49 UTC.

Background information about the bridge:

  • 14th of August, 2018 – this day will be remembered by many people in Genoa, Italy.
  • On this date, a part of the highway viaduct “Polcevera” (also referred to as the “Morandi Bridge”) right in the city collapsed and claimed 43 lives.
  • The bridge connected the eastern and western part of the city and was an important element of the traffic route.
  • However, the city overcame the tragedy and rebuilt the bridge, which was finalized on 28th of April 2020 and was given the name Genova San Giorgio.

A webcam overlooking the new viaduct randomly caught this stroke, delivering precise visual evidence of the event and the specific hit-point. The webcam froze the stroke around 02:50 UTC


The following Screenshot from nowcast’s lightning data visualization application LINET view shows the respective stroke identified with exceptional precision. This example of excellent detection precision represents the reliability and advanced capability of nowcast’s LINET technology.

LINET reaches an average location accuracy of 75 m (mean value) in a well deployed LINET network and therefore scratches right on the edge on what’s physically possible.

With its accurate 60 minutes short-term forecasting capability, nowcast’s LINET technology helps to prevent lightning fatalities and enhances weather related planning of operations.

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