LINET systems – Lightning Detection Network

LINET systems enables customers to procure and operate their own, independent, ultra-precise and reliable lightning detection system. With LINET, nowcast has developed a highly efficient lightning detection system. LINET offers excellent value for reasonable money and meets the highest possible demands in professional use, made & engineered in Germany.

The most important advantages of LINET systems

  • nowcast expertise

    nowcast does not only sell lightning sensors, but also independently operates large networks. Thus nowcast has comprehensive experience in setting up and operating efficient lightning detection systems. The professional service and support provided by nowcast is based on this expertise.

  • Efficient coverage of large areas

  • Continuous operation in real time

  • High efficiency

    The nowcast system is extremely efficient and offers excellent value for reasonable money. Sensors can be easily set up at a site with virtually no requirements and low maintenance. Nonetheless, LINET measures more precisely than any other commercially available lightning detection system.

  • High location accuracy

  • Total Lightning: Differentiate between cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud lightning strokes

  • 3D-measurement of the emission height of intra-cloud strokes

  • Detection and nowcasting of thunder cells and sub cells

  • Capturing lightning parameters

  • Unique value for money

  • Easy setup

  • Highly economical operation, low cost of ownership

  • Easy monitoring

  • Continuous innovation

    nowcast has made it its mission to continuously further develop  LINET. This affects both the detection quality as well as the processing of lightning data. As customer of LINET systems you will always be ahead of your time and form part of an extraordinary quality-league when it comes to lightning detection.

Who benefits from LINET systems?

Corporations or governmental institutions

LINET systems is the perfect choice for corporations or governmental institutions that want to operate their own lightning detection system. Despite low operating costs, LINET systems provides the most accurate and comprehensive lightning information available with commercial networks. The buyer of LINET systems has the option to use all other nowcast products such as LINET view and LINET spot as soon as the self-sufficient lightning detection system is put into operation.

Energy supplier

Utilities that need to monitor pipelines and oil platforms in previously uncovered areas turn to LINET systems.

National Weather Services & Millitary

National weather services & military often operate their own lightning detection systems for security reasons. LINET systems also meets all the necessary requirements for this.

LINET systems in detail

Research activitities for LINET started at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in the 1980s. Until today renown research institutions such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) have played a substantial role in further developing this cutting-edge system. In addition to operating a lightning detection network of its own, nowcast sells lightning networks of any size to private and public customers.

LINET systems essentially consists of two modules: several lightning sensors and a central processing server. The lightning sensors consist of a field antenna, a GPS receiver and a field processor. The sensors are set up at distance of 150 to 250 km (recommended). The positioning of the server is irrelevant as long as there is sufficiently fast and stable internet connection. A back-up server may be positioned at another location, e.g. at nowcast headquarters.

Just a few steps away from your own lightning detection system

  • Easy set-up

    Each lightning sensor location merely has to be supplied with power and equipped with a standard stable internet connection. Electromagnetic interferences such as e.g. air-conditioning stations need to be avoided in the immediate vicinity. The lightning sensor itself consists of an antenna and a processing unit. Both components are small and can easily be set up with little effort. The field antenna can be set up on a roof, a wall or a field. The GPS antenna must have an unobstructed view of the sky. Both components are resilient to extreme weather. The robust and compact field processor can be directly attached to the antenna-pole or placed indoors.

  • Reliable operation

    The lightning sensor starts operation as soon as it is switched on and connected to the internet. If there is no strong electromagnetic interference, the lightning sensor data is instantly integrated into the evaluation process of the central server. Perfect calculation of the lightning information, including the emission-height of intra-cloud lightning strokes is guaranteed as soon as 5 lightning sensors with a baseline of 200 to 250 kilometers transmit their data to the central server. The data transmitted by individual lightning sensors is stored in the central data base from the very start and also available as historical data.

    The availability and general quality-status of lightning sensors is monitored by the LINET Management System LMS 24/7. In addition to the display and recording of the load, availability and signal quality of individual lightning sensors, the powerful LMS also manages, amongst other things, the analyses, reports and subsequent calculations from the raw data. In addition, all lightning sensors are regularly checked and updated via remote service over the internet.

  • Business Continuity

    nowcast has introduced business continuity management which enables continued operation in case of a breakdown.

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