Weather service providers

Use our ultra-precise lightning data as national or private weather service. We guarantee excellent accuracy, quality, availability and easy interface management.

Wind farm operators

Highly precise lightning data offers an efficient and effective basis for decision-making: Timely blade inspection, historical lightning analysis, damage clarification are among the common use-cases for wind parks and wind turbine manufacturers. Nowcast has the right tools and data for you on hand.


As air traffic control organization, lighting data plays a vital role for you. As airport operator, high-quality nowcast data enables you to reduce airport downtime significantly as well as perfectly schedule ground handling stops.


With our historical nowcast lightning data base, we offer you as an insurer, the opportunity to reliably verify whether the cause for damage/claim really was a lightning strike or overvoltage.

Energy Suppliers

We meet your demand for lightning data as energy supplier such as e.g. monitor high voltage power lines or verify claims at the highest possible quality.

Scientific Institutions

As a university research spin-off, nowcast considers itself a scientific company and maintains various cooperations with renown international research institutions.


Telecommunication and similar infrastructure providers use nowcast’s high-precision lightning data to increase safety for outdoor workers and to correlate failures to lightning.

Other industries

As nowcast customer you recognise an approaching storm and take the necessary measures. After a storm possible lightning induced damage can be reliably identified .