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Lower cost, more safety and fewer delays with nowcast

As air traffic control organization, lighting data plays a vital role for you. As airport operator, high-quality nowcast data enables you to reduce airport downtime as well as perfectly schedule ground handling stops.

nowcast offers highly accurate lighting data in real time for the aviation industry customized for the particular requirements of airports and airlines. With the nowcast lightning data, you as an ATC, airport, airline and ground handling company will receive the perfect decision base enabling strategic decision-making for planning and executing operations.


What are the weather challenges in the aviation industry?

The general challenge in aviation is to maximize capacity, optimize planning of all resources (such as personnel, equipment and 3rd party suppliers) and reduce stoppages/delays/cancellations, whilst at the same time maintaining extremely high safety standards.

Weather plays a pivotal role in each core pillar of this challenge. Flight delays and cancellations are often caused by severe/disruptive weather events such as lightning.

Flight delays and cancellations are expensive in the short-term and, if the event is not well managed, also negatively impact the reputation of both airlines and airports. Passengers (PAX) impacted by a delayed flight quickly search for compensation, share their story on social media and often give interviews in the local and national press.

This demand for increased customer service combined with increased economic pressures on airports and airlines means that those operators planning together with the weather will gain a competitive advantage.

Highly precise nowcast lightning data allows for optimum planning and decision making at the highest possible level of quality.


Detailed lighting data is among the most important meteorological parameter in modern aviation. They allow for cell-tracking and nowcasting thus increasing reliability in planning and flight operations. Highly precise lightning data permits fine tuning flight routes as well as reducing the length of ground handling stops at airports.

Aviation Products

  • LINET data
  • LINET view
  • LINET systems
  • Unrivaled location accuracy of 75 m and high detection sensitivity of 2 kA

  • 3D-lightning detection precisely measuring emission height of IC

  • Distinction between intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes

  • Reliable real-time data to identify dangerous thunderstorm regions

  • Real-time tracking and nowcasting of thunderstorms for better planning

  • Minimizing turnaround time by 50 to 70%

Air traffic control organizations

Precise lightning data are of substantial significance for national air traffic control organizations. These data are mostly integrated in the central visualization software and displayed with other meteorological data. Lightning information enables air traffic controllers to better assess weather conditions because lightning data is displayed in real time with a precision of 75 meters on average. Cell tracking (detection and tracking of storm cells) and nowcasting (extremely short-term forecasting of upto 60 minutes) considerably facilitate air traffic planning.


Lightning strokes and thunderstorms do not only endanger the safety of airplanes and passengers. They also entail an enormous financial risk for airports if and when they are forced to temporarily suspend ground handling activities. Airports strive to keep weather induced airport downtime to an absolute minimum without endangering lives. Since the highly accurate lightning data provided by nowcast features only minor scatter, the rate of false alarms is exceedingly low. Combined with cell tracking and nowcasting, airport downtime can be reliably reduced by 50 to 70 percent.

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