Lightning Data for Telecommunication Providers

Efficient add-on data for a fast diagnosis of telecommunication infrastructure

Lightning frequently causes malfunction in telecommunication devices such as routers or switches. When customers complain about their connection being down, telecommunication providers’ service centers analyze and explore possible causes. As lightning induced malfunction can easily be resolved within a short period of time in app. 90 % of the cases, providers can save significant effort and money by having accurate real-time lightning data at their disposal.

This way, nowcast enables providers in the telecommunication sector to remarkably increase service efficiency, decrease response time as well as boost customer satisfaction, while at the same time considerably decreasing both time and money spent.

Clear advantages

  • Highly precise real-time lightning data stream to evaluate malfunction caused by thunderstorms

  • Estimation of impending disruptions caused by thunderstorms

  • Early-warning forecast of approaching thunderstorms with nowcast’s rTNT algorithm

  • Sophisticated insights for customer support

  • Separate lightning induced malfunctions from other causes

  • Significant savings in time and money

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