Meteorological institutions & weather service providers

Use our ultra-precise lightning data as national or private weather service. We guarantee excellent accuracy, quality, availability and easy interface management. As weather service provider you require the best possible weather information. Lightning data from nowcast ideally complement radar and satellite data. Only with lightning data, active areas within a thunderstorm situation can be precisely detected and tracked.

National and private weather service providers

For national and private weather service providers lightning data are a commodity. Lightning forms an integral part of thunderstorms just like heavy rain, gales and hail. With the most accurate lightning data generated by nowcast’s LINET network, we precisely detect such areas as they develop and track the thunderstorm as it moves along its life-cycle.

Technological leader with outstanding precision

National and private weather services require the best available quality weather data. nowcast has been convincing the industry with its superior technology and precision for many years.

  • Unrivaled location accuracy of 75 m and high detection sensitivity of 2 kA

  • 3D-lightning detection precisely measuring emission height of IC

  • Distinction between intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes

  • Detection and nowcasting of thunder cells and sub-cells

  • Highest data quality available

”For the German Meteorological Service (DWD), the precise and comprehensive lightning data provided by nowcast form an essential information source for extremely short-term forecasting and issuing storm warnings.
The precise information is required for aeronautical meteorological services and creating climatological expert opinions.“

German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst – DWD)
nowcast has been official DWD data supplier since 2006.

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