The LINET advantage

High-Precision Lightning Detection – was the motto of nowcast when creating LINET. In years of research and development work they conceived the most innovative and best lightning detection system of the world. Engineered & Made in Germany!

  • Detecting weak signals

    Combining a sophisticated antenna configuration with low thresholds and optimized sensors enables detecting even the very weak of cloud-to-ground strokes, which till the nowcast technology were not detected despite their considerable damage potential.

  • Detecting cloud-to-ground and intracloud lightning strokes

    All lightning signals are detected and analyzed. LINET identifies cloud-to-ground as well as intra-cloud lightning strokes which makes it a ”Total Lightning” detection system. To verify claims in the insurance business it is necessary to reliably differentiate between cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud lightning strokes. Only damage-inducing cloud-to-ground lightning strokes may be considered in verifying claims caused by either lightning strokes or over voltage.

  • Differentiating between cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud lightning strokes

    Differentiation between cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud strokes does not occur at the individual sensor, but in the data center. For this purpose a recently developed and highly efficient patented 3D method is used which is unique for low frequency networks (VLF/LF). Moreover, this 3D method automatically determines the height of intracloud lightning strokes.

  • Location accuracy and minimum inaccuracies

    The consistent harmony between hardware components and special signal processing permit to substantially improve location accuracy within a well-configured network as is the case in Germany. For cloud-to-ground lightning strokes the 2D error has been reduced to app. 75 m on average. At least as important is LINET’s ability to nearly exclude inaccurate detections. Reporting lightning events that never happened is almost impossible.

The LINET lightning detection system provide extremely efficient and precise lightning detection which is decisive for business applications. Scientific studies confirm its superior quality. It has been proven that LINET is one of the most precise lightning detection systems globally. To date no study exists demonstrating that any other commercial network is as accurate and reliable as LINET.