Lightning Solutions for Energy Suppliers

As energy supplier you usually require the entire portfolio of lightning information as lightning strikes are the most common cause of disruption. Pipeline or drilling rig  operators in areas not covered to date procure their own lightning detection network (LINET systems) to completely monitor their area of operation at all times.

We are delighted to be your best-in-class lightning data supplier and to offer consulting for optimum results.

Products for Energy Suppliers

  • LINET data
  • LINET view
  • LINET systems
  • Unrivaled location accuracy of 75 m and high detection sensitivity of 2 kA

  • 3D-lightning detection precisely measuring emission height of IC

  • Evaluate disruptions by thunderstorms in real time

  • Anticipate operational disruptions by thunderstorms

  • Evaluate lightning protection measures

  • Reliably verify lightning induced damage

”As a regional power-grid operator, LEW Verteilnetz GmbH sets great store by efficient processes and exceptional supply quality. With the precise lightning data supplied by nowcast, we are able to reliably identify lightning-induced failures immediately. In this manner, we have been able to reduce the downtimes of our medium and high-voltage transmission lines.“

German Semsch (Verteilnetz GmbH, Head of Network Management Central)

Verify lightning induced disruptions

Operators of high voltage transmission lines or pipeline feed the numerical real-time lightning data of nowcast (LINET data) into their control console software or use nowcast’ s innovative web app LINET view.

In the event of a disruption, the software carries out an automatic check as to whether a lightning stroke has taken place in the vicinity of the affected power line or pipeline at the time in question. This simple procedure reliably identifies this frequent cause of failures and normally permits to promptly resume operations.

Railway companies are also confronted with the same issues. The comprehensive surveillance of the rail network also includes the fault-monitoring of overhead line disruptions caused by lightning.

Reliably plan repair and maintenance work

When it comes to working outdoors, thunderstorms constitute one of the gravest threats to people. This is true not only for activities concerning power lines or transformer stations. Drilling rigs and pump stations, as well as mines and strip mines, are all locations affected by lightning with an above-average frequency.

With the extremely short-term forecasting (nowcasting) by LINET, storm cells can be projected into the future by up to one hour. Since storm cells, unlike rain and cloud fronts, are mostly limited in dimension with clear-cut boundaries, the impending danger can be forecast with a considerable degree of precision.

Reliable lightning information also enables optimized planning when it comes to supply lines via air or water.

Anticipating operational disruptions

Extremely short-term forecasts of thunderstorms (nowcasting) enables precisely anticipating and evaluating impending operational disruptions. Heavy storm fronts moving in the direction of high voltage power lines, transformer stations, pipelines or mines can be reliably and timely identified.

The patented 3D-measurement technique even makes it possible to predict the severity of a thunderstorm.

Should operations have to be suspended due to a thunderstorm, the forecast permits to precisely predict downtime and can prevent an unnecessary disruption of operations. For particularly sensitive installations, the forecasting process can be further improved with a locally installed electric field meter also referred to as field mill.

Significantly improve lightning protection

Historical lightning data facilitate evaluation of expensive lightning-protection installations and adapting them accordingly. Detailed flash-density maps, which are precisely customized to your marked-out routes, make it easy to identify the sections affected most frequently.

Verifying damage caused by lightning or overvoltageovervoltage

Historical weather data enable to prove that damage was caused by lightning or overvoltage. This does not only serve as evidence for insurance purposes, but also enables to assess lightning-protection measures taken.

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