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Unfortunately, people regularly fall victim to lightning strokes when doing sports, at events or during other outdoor activities. For golf courts, shipping and organizers of large open-air festivals in particular, up-to-date lightning data with extremely short-term forecasting play a significant role.

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The advantages

    • increased safety for persons who spend time outdoors
    • timely warning against severe storms which may seriously impair large events
    • timely interruption of outdoor leisure activities

    With the extremely short-term forecasting (Nowcasting) by LINET, storm cells can be projected into the future by up to one hour. Since storm cells, unlike rain and cloud fronts, have mostly very limited dimensions with clear-cut boundaries, the impending danger can be forecasted with a considerable degree of precision.

    In the LINET view web application, the customer can set his personal alarm regions. An automatic warning is then triggered when a storm is forecasted for the region in question. Golf courts can inform their players in good time, sailors can leave the water, and organizers can take the pertinent precautions – depending on the severity of the storm.

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