Weather Services and Meteorological-Service Providers

Weather services and meteorological-service providers are especially dependent on high-quality meteorological information. Lightning data are the ideal complement to radar and satellite data. Only with lightning data can the active areas within a thunderstorm situation be precisely located.

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The advantages

  • most comprehensive real-time information package available in Europe
  • emission height of intra-cloud strokes
  • recognition and extremely short-term forecasting of storm cells
  • estimation of the severity and development of the storm using thunder-cell parameters
  • highest quality available in Europe

”For the German Meteorological Service (DWD), the precise and comprehensive lightning data provided by nowcast form an essential source of information for extremely short-term forecasting and when issuing storm warnings.
The precise information is required for aeronautical meteorological services and the creation of climatological expert opinions.“

German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst – DWD)
nowcast has been the official data supplier to the DWD since 2006.

State-run weather services and private meteorological-service providers place enormous demands on the quality of meteorological data. Due to their unsurpassed precision, the lightning information provided by nowcast is highly valued in this sector.

Location accuracy of around 75 meters with minor scatter, the recognition of even weak lightning strokes, the reliable distinction between intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes, as well as the innovative detection and extremely short-term forecasting of storm cells are further convincing arguments for the lightning data supplied by nowcast.

Using LINET data, the meteorological-service providers feed the lightning data into their systems via standardized interfaces in real-time. There, the data may be displayed in the meteorological data-processing and visualization system, or be included in the evaluation of extremely short-term forecasts and regional storm warnings.

Together with the users, the meteorological and scientific department at nowcast works continuously on the refined processing of the lightning data.

Since 2006, nowcast has been the official data supplier to the German Meteorological Service DWD. In this capacity, nowcast has been able to satisfy all the strict requirements set out by the DWD – one of the largest and most important weather services in Europe. As such, nowcast was confirmed once again in 2009 as official data supplier.



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