The people of nowcast

The Management

Prof. Hans-Dieter Betz, inventor of the lightning detection network LINET and founder of nowcast, laid down the fundamental principles of the measurement technique. He has a global scientific network at his disposal, is the author and editor of several publications, and ensures the further investigation of in-depth groundwork for the nowcast technology. He is regarded the world over as a leading and renowned expert in the field of lightning detection and consults the management in important decisions.

Richard Fellner has the overall responsibility for the company strategy and all commercial and operational topics. Daniel Betz, CSO, is responsible for sales and marketing. Andreas Hedrich, CTO, leads the IT team and is in charge of technical concepts.


The Team

All our employees live by a customer-oriented approach to work out of conviction, supported by process and goal-oriented thinking. Each of our employees is a specialist in his area with unique know-how.

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