nowcast wins tender of SMATSA and Department of Hydrology and Meteorology Nepal

Precise lightning data from a reliable lightning detection network is important for many sectors such as aviation and national weather services. Air traffic service providers monitor airspace and navigate air traffic. Quick reaction times and clear information are vital to assess the prevailing weather situation. It improves the quality of aeronautical meteorological observations and aids with the forecasting of severe weather conditions. Planes must not fly into a thunderstorm, their routes have to be adjusted right ahead of time. Precise lightning information help finding the proper route.

Not only aviation but also national weather services benefit from lightning information. On the one hand, real-time lightning data can be used for safety services. On the other hand, research and risk analysis is possible through historical lightning data.

With overfulfilling these criteria, nowcast succeeded again in two international tenders. Air traffic control of Serbia and Montenegro, SMATSA, gave the award to nowcast due to the fact that nowcast’s lightning detection network LINET provides the best location accuracy and the highest detection efficiency while the price remains fair. The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, which is a part of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Environment of Nepal, called for bids and selected nowcast, too. Special requirements were the real-time availability of lightning data and the reliability of the network under the given climatic condition. The department is based in Kathmandu and received finance from the World Bank for their BRCH Project (Building Resilience to Climate Related Hazards). nowcast is going to set up lightning detection networks in Serbia and Montenegro and Nepal within the next 8 months.

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