nowcast wins again public tender of DWD for delivery of European lightning data

Munich, 08 July 2014. For the third time in a row nowcast was commissioned by the German Meteorological Service (DWD) with the delivery of European lightning data. The lightning location system ‘LINET’, which stands for high locating accuracy and detection efficiency including representative recording of cloud lightning, was selected again in 2014.

Already in 2006 and 2009, DWD has chosen nowcast on the basis of qualitative criteria. One of the essential ‘LINET’ features is the patented three-dimensional reporting of cloud strokes, which is useful for recognition of status and evolution of severe thunderstorms. Furthermore, nowcast fulfils decisive requirements of DWD for detection of weak strokes and high locating accuracy with little scatter.

DWD utilizes the provided European lightning data as input for various model calculations, storm warning, nowcasting, expert reports, and sovereign duties, such as provisioning Armed Forces and aviation. Among the users are the German flight control (DFS), airports, airlines, and national police.

The Munich-based company nowcast GmbH operates its high-precision lightning location networks ‘LINET’ since 2004 in many parts of the world and since 2006 in Europe. In the 90’s the system was designed at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich by Prof. Dr. Hans D. Betz under careful optimization of modern hardware and software aspects. In view of decisive quality parameters ‘LINET’ represents still today the leading lightning location network.


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