The LINET advantage

High-precision lightning detection. This and nothing less forms the creed of nowcast employees when it comes to the development of LINET. In accurate and meticulous research and development work, the employees at nowcast work on the most innovative lightning-detection system in the world. Made in Germany.


The fundamental innovations

Detection of weak signals

The use of a sophisticated antenna configuration, low thresholds and the optimization of sensors allow the measurement of even weak cloud-to-ground strokes, which could not be taken into account thus far, but have considerable damage potential.
Measurement of cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud strokes...

Measurement of cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud strokes

All lightning signals are recorded and analyzed to the same degree. In particular, no signals are discarded due to assumed characteristics of intra-cloud strokes or unsuitable impulse shapes. As such, LINET ascertains both cloud-to-ground as well as intra-cloud strokes, and is hence one of the “Total Lightning” measurement networks; in terms of insurance-related aspects, a reliable distinction of cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud lightning phenomena is both necessary and possible. After all, only damage-inducing cloud-to-ground strokes may be taken into consideration when it comes to compiling information on damage caused by lightning and overvoltage.

Distinction of cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud strokes

Distinguishing between cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud strokes does not take place at the individual sensor, but at the data processing center. It collects the information from the individual sensors and recognizes certain “group characteristics”. In this conjunction, a newly developed and highly efficient, patented 3D-method is deployed which is unique amongst low-frequency networks (VLF/LF). In addition, this 3D-method automatically determines the height of the intra-cloud strokes.
More on the 3D-location...

Location accuracy and minimal error rate

The systematically harmonized hardware components and special signal processing allow for the significant improvement in location accuracy within a well-configured network – as has been realized in Germany. With respect to cloud-to-ground strokes, the 2D-error has been improved to about 75 meters. The ability of LINET to almost exclude location errors is at least just as important. As such, the reporting of lightning phenomena which have not actually taken place is almost excluded.
More information on location accuracy...

All in all, the nowcast lightning-measurement network LINET achieves extremely efficient and precise lightning measurement which is essential for use in industry.

Studies confirm quality

LINET is demonstrably one of the most precise lightning-detection systems in the world. So far, there has been no study in which another commercial network has reached the levels of accuracy and reliability offered by LINET.


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