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LINET view visualizes and analyzes the current or any historical weather situation in your web-browser. Not only are flashes, thunder cells and extremely short-terms forecasts displayed on the map, but also any customer-specific elements and alarm areas.

Thanks to LINET view, weather-dependent facilities such as airports, transmission lines, pipelines, oil rigs and industrial plants can be closely monitored, and detailed evaluations in relation to the current or historical storm situations can be generated.

LINET view offers the user not only a reliable forecast of the time of arrival of a storm. It is also useful when it comes to the protection of workers outdoors, the safety of events, the prompt location of the stroke site in the event of damage, as well as the immediate implementation of repair measures.

The advantages

  • web application
  • clear visualization on an interactive map
  • real-time and historical data
  • presentation of individual strokes, emission height, stroke density, thunder cells, nowcasting, and much more
  • statistics (flash distribution, amplitude distribution, height distribution)
    alarm areas with warning function
  • display of any desired geographical structures (shape-files)
  • layers with individual data (optional)

LINET view in Detail...

Who benefits from LINET view?

LINET view is the perfect application for the surveillance of your weather-sensitive facilities or operations should you not have our LINET data installed in your real-time visualization system. Weather services, energy suppliers, the military and various other sectors also rely on LINET view as a control and reference system.

Airports make use of LINET view in order to reduce the duration of turnaround stops to an absolute minimum. Aviation companies principally select the option “Cell Tracking & Nowcasting” for the perfect scheduling of their activities.  Via the individual alarm regions, users receive a warning as early as one hour prior to the calculated time of arrival of a storm.

On oil rigs, LINET view facilitates – in addition to the general storm warnings – the supervision of supply lines via air and water, the co-ordination of work activities outdoors for the prevention of lightning-induced hazards, as well as the optimization of lightning-protection measures.

Further user groups include railway companies (rail network), wind parks, operators of pipelines or transmission lines, the leisure industry, event organizers (open-air), operators of weather-sensitive facilities, and all other weather-dependent sectors.



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