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LINET data is nowcast’s classic product. Both small as well as large private and state-run companies receive detailed real-time lightning information in the form of numerical raw data via LINET data. This data can then be imported into the user’s systems and combined with further sources of data.

The user can access the data files in real-time in various formats via the internet. In addition to standard information pertaining to the location, time and stroke current, LINET reliably differentiates between intra-cloud strokes and cloud-to-ground strokes, and even ascertains the height of the intra-cloud strokes.

The advantages:

  • numerical real-time data
  • flexible formats
  • substantial details for every stroke event

    • date and time (µs)
    • geographical co-ordinates
    • lightning current
    • stroke type: cloud-to-ground or intra-cloud
    • emission height of intra-cloud strokes
    • assessment of location accuracy

LINET data in detail...

Who benefits from LINET data?

Private meteorological-service providers and state-run weather services import the numerical lightning data in their meteorological data and visualization systems. In combination with other meteorological data, such as radar, in particular, the real-time display of lightning types offers substantial added value when it comes to the observation of weather developments and risk potential.
Additional fields of application for meteorological-service providers and weather services...

Energy suppliers feed the numerical lightning data in real-time into their control-station software. In the event of a malfunction, an automatic check takes place as to whether a lightning stroke has taken place in the vicinity of the affected transmission line or pipeline at the time in question. In this manner, this frequent cause of malfunctions can be reliably verified and, if necessary, the prompt resumption of operations is made possible.
Additional fields of application for energy suppliers...

Every weather-dependent sector benefits from LINET data. Whether it is the planning of anticipated loads or malfunctions, the security of operations outdoors, or the analysis of lightning-induced damage: LINET lightning data by nowcast offers substantial potential for the optimization of processes and reduction of costs.

Further user groups include railway companies, wind parks, operators of pipelines or high-voltage grids, organizers of open-air and outdoor activities, and all other weather-dependent branches which monitor weather-sensitive installations.
An overview of the advantages offered by lightning data...


We are committed to the continuous development of our products

In addition to the standard package, thunder-cell parameters will also be optionally available in the near future. With the aid of information such as cell speed, height, intensity and size, a new chapter in the detection and analysis of thunder-storms will be opened up.



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