Lightning query

During a thunderstorm, technical equipment can be damaged by a lightning strike in the direct environment. The present lightning query allows a quick check whether a strike has actually occurred at the location of interest (direct strike) or nearby (overvoltage).

The lightning detection system of nowcast GmbH captures strike impact point accurately to within 75 meters and distinguishes between direct lightning strikes and overvoltage due to lightning.

This query allows a reliable assessment of the thunderstorm situation specifically for the investigated location. The lightning report shows time, strength, position and distance of the strokes to the queried location.

We provide a single lightning query for 250 Euro plus tax. We only need your complete postal address and the date of the incidence. You will receive a PDF report via e-mail and an invoice via mail. Just fill in the contact form below!

  • Lightning query for one day at a postal address
  • Price: 250 Euro plus tax
  • Display of the strike impact point accurately within 75 meters
  • Distinction between direct lightning strikes and overvoltage
  • Stroke report with details about the lightning parameters



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