nowcast explores the fundamentals of lightning detection, offers reliable detection systems and provides high-precision lightning data worldwide.

nowcast produces complete lightning detection networks with all components from one source – simple installation, easy maintenance and comfortable operation.


LINET systems

Purchase and operation of own independent lightning detection networks.

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LINET data

Detailed numeric real-time lightning data for professional use.

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LINET view

Visualization and analysis of current or historical thunderstorms.

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LINET spot

Comfortable investigation of lightning-induced damages.

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The nowcast film

Did you ever wonder why lightning data is useful and important? And what it looks like when lightning data is used at an airport? Watch 15 fascinating minutes full of stunning information!

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The LINET advantage

High-precision lightning detection. LINET boasts unparalleled innovations which make it one of a kind throughout the world. Our competitive edge is your advantage.

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Contact us!

Contact us on +49 (0)89 5529 713 70, or write us an e-mail to info(at) We are happy to receive your call.

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How LINET functions

The basic functionality of LINET seems simple on the surface. But the tricks lie in the details. Learn more about the measurement technique of LINET.

How LINET works
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