Increased safety, efficiency and clarity thanks to precise lightning data

A large number of branches have placed their trust in the excellent lightning data services provided by nowcast. nowcast customers are able to detect approaching storms in good time and therefore exercise the necessary measures. Additionally, once the storm has passed, any lightning-induced damage can then be reliably identified.


In the aviation industry, air-traffic control and airports benefit from lightning data, especially when it comes to the assessment of adverse weather conditions and the scheduling of turnaround stops.

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Energy suppliers

For economic reasons, energy suppliers demonstrate great interest in high-resolution lightning data. From the surveillance of their transmission lines to the assessment of any damage caused.

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Insurance agencies compare claim reports of damages which are attributable to lightning or overvoltage with the historical lightning database developed by nowcast.

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Scientific community

nowcast is actively involved in national and international research co-operation with renowned scientific institutions and establishments – an essential element of the nowcast philosophy.

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Further sectors

Customers from several other sectors such as event organizers (open-air), golf courses or the shipping industry take advantage of the lightning data provided by nowcast for the co-ordination of their activities as well as in order to ensure safety during storms.

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