Cutting-edge products for the highest demands

nowcast has developed advanced products and applications for the users of lightning data. For years now, LINET systems, LINET data, LINET view and LINET spot have been successfully used by private and state-run companies of all sizes.

LINET systems

The independent version. LINET systems offers customers the possibility of purchasing and operating their own independent and reliable lightning-detection system.

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LINET data

The classic version. Via LINET data, both small as well as large private and state-run companies receive detailed real-time lightning data in the form of numerical data.

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LINET view

The all-rounder version. LINET view visualizes and analyzes the current or a historical storm situation in your web-browser.

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LINET spot

The investigative version. LINET spot allows for the comfortable research of lightning strokes in the past at a pre-defined location and time.

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