Entrevista con Hans Christian Hansen, Vento Maritime

Hoy tenemos el placer de llevar a cabo una entrevista con nuestro nuevo socio Vento Maritime y su COO Hans Christian Hansen.

Entrevista con Neil Durham, CEO de Wagtech Projects

Neil Durham es el fundador y CEO de Wagtech Projects, con más de 30 años de experiencia en el negocio. Hoy tenemos el placer de entrevistarlo sobre su asociación con Nowcast.

Lightning hits the new Genova San Giorgio viaduct In Italy

On the 7th of September 2020, one of the 43 lamps on the famous new Genova San Giorgio bridge in Genoa, Italy was hit by a lightning strike.

Nowcast’s high-precision lightning data used at Croatia Control Ltd. since 2009

Croatia Control Ltd. is the ATC-Agency in Croatia. Their mission is ensuring air traffic safety to the highest standards and to provide air navigation services to keep the air traffic above Croatia and Europe safe and efficient.