Scientific Institutions

Lightning continues to be a phenomenon which is only partially explored. Numerous scientific institutions all over the world deal with this impressive natural occurrence which, for some part, can have far-reaching consequences. The company nowcast emerged from an academic group of researchers. As such, the continuous investment in research forms part of the nowcast credo, and the scientific network of the company spans all corners of the globe.

Recommended products for scientific institutions

The advantages

    • customized data for research purposes
    • perfected measurement systems for your in-house research projects
    • perfected analysis software
    • scientific co-operation as equal partners

    Scientific institutions and universities take advantage of the data provided by LINET for the investigation of the natural phenomenon that is lightning. LINET is especially attractive in this regard due to its ability to measure the emission height of intra-cloud strokes. Only substantially more complicated and costly research lightning-detection systems are able to live up to this claim.

    Moreover, scientific institutions often function as contacts in the industry when it comes to large technical projects. In this regard, lightning detection may take on a vital and continuing role.

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