The validation of claim reports of damage attributable to storm activity forms part and parcel of the professional activities of every modern insurer. The precise lightning data provided by nowcast makes it possible, in a simple and highly cost-effective manner, to reliably verify whether the probable cause of damage is a lightning stroke or overvoltage.

Recommended products for insurers

  • LINET spot
  • numerical flash-density maps, incl. storm-cell parameters

The advantages

    • simple and quick evaluation by entering address and date in question
    • adapted to the processes of the insurance industry
    • high precision for reliable results

    Validation of damage

    On the one hand, insurers verify incidents of damage with lightning or overvoltage as cause. With the application of LINET spot, lightning strokes at the queried location are examined during the plausible period of time. Thanks to the precision of LINET, a direct lightning stroke, lightning-induced overvoltage or – at least just as important – neither of the damage-causing events can be ascertained with a great degree of reliability.

    With over 100,000 queries every year, insurers verify their incidents of damage in LINET spot round the clock.

    Risk assessment

    Insurance companies make use of historical lightning information from throughout Europe in the form of hazard-zone maps as the basis for the risk calculation of lightning-stroke and hailstorm probabilities.



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