In aviation, real-time meteorological information plays a fundamental role. Detailed lightning data provide information on the areas with the strongest convection in adverse weather conditions. The forward-looking work with lightning data allows for more precise co-ordination of the flight routes and the optimization of the turnaround stops at airports.

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The advantages

    • reliable source of data for the detection of storm regions
    • forward-looking planning of available capacities
    • improved estimation of the beginning and end of turnaround stops on the ground

    Air-traffic control

    As with weather services, meteorological data are of substantial significance for the national air-navigation companies as well. This also includes lightning information. These data are mostly integrated in the central visualization software and displayed with other meteorological data. The lightning information makes it possible for the air-traffic controller to better assess the weather conditions. The Cell Tracking (detection of storm cells) and Nowcasting (extremely short-term forecasting) functions considerably facilitate air-traffic planning.


    For airports, the ability to deal with lightning situations in the proper manner plays a pivotal role. It is the aim of every airport to reduce the duration of turnaround stops to a minimum – without endangering people at the same time. Since the lightning data provided by nowcast feature only minor scatter, the rate of false alarms is exceedingly low. Combined with Cell Tracking and Nowcasting, the turnaround stops can be scheduled in a more reliable manner.



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