LINET Management Software (LMS)

Monitoring a LINET network is easy: With LINET Management Software (LMS), nowcast’s modern web application for monitoring the status of sensors, all network-related information is displayed in a clearly arranged manner.

All sensor data is organized in portlets which can be configured individually to fit the network administrator’s needs. The portlets show information such as sensor status, data quality, software versions and updates. Also, warnings are clearly visible. Should issues appear, most of them can get solved directly with the integrated tools of the LMS.

Three different pages help you keep everything clearly arranged: the network page, the sensors page and the directors page. The network page shows all sensors of the network on a map with their current status such as online status or last data transmission. On the sensors page, a list of all sensors allows for inspecting the exact status of every sensor. The directors page shows all data related to the locating algorithm, for example current number of strokes, overall sample count, current processing time, and if the central server software ‘LINET Director’ is working correctly.

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