LINET – high-precision lightning detection.

Several innovations from years of research work have made LINET into the quality leader in terms of location accuracy and efficiency. In addition, LINET features advanced, patented methods which comprise the basis for a form of lightning-data processing that is unique around the world.

The LINET advantage

High-precision lightning detection. LINET boasts unparalleled innovations which make it one of a kind throughout the world. Our competitive edge is your advantage.

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How LINET functions

The basic functionality of LINET seems simple on the surface. But the tricks lie in the details. Learn more about the measurement technique of LINET.

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3D-measurement of emission heights

Thanks to the invention and introduction of the patented 3D-method for the ascertainment of the emission heights of intra-cloud strokes, LINET has distinguished itself from all other commercial systems.

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High precision – low scatter

Since its market launch, LINET has boasted unsurpassed precision in terms of location accuracy. LINET continues to be the quality leader amongst the commercial lightning-detection systems.

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Detection of weak signals

The measurement sensitivity of LINET is remarkable. The detection of even very weak lightning phenomena makes Total Lightning, Cell Tracking and Nowcasting efficient.

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