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The research work for LINET began at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich as early as the eighties. Until today, renowned research institutions such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) have played a decisive role in the further development of this cutting-edge system. In addition to the operation of its own large network, nowcast also sells networks of all sizes to companies and state-run enterprises.

LINET systems essentially comprises two modules: several lightning sensors and a central server. The lightning sensors, consisting of a field antenna, a GPS receiver and a field processor, are set up in the area to be monitored with a baseline of around 200 to 250 km (recommendation). The position of the server is of little importance as long as a sufficiently fast and stable internet connection is provided for. A back-up server can be optionally installed at another location – for example, at the nowcast headquarters.

In comparison to other lightning-detection systems, LINET impresses with a certain decisive advantages.

Expertise of nowcast

Not only does nowcast sell lightning sensors, it also independently operates large networks. It has thus gained extensive experience in the set-up and operation of efficient lightning-detection systems. These expertise form the basis for the professional support and services nowcast offers – simply because we would not sell you a system whose trouble-free operation we could not guarantee.
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The efficiency of LINET

nowcast’s system is extremely efficient. In particular, the excellent cost-effectiveness results from the simple set-up of lightning sensors, the low requirements of the measurement site and the low maintenance expenses. Nonetheless, LINET measures like no other commercially available lightning-detection system.
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Continuous innovation

In its own interests, nowcast is committed to the continuous further development of LINET. This applies both to the quality of detection as well as to the processing of the lightning data. As a LINET customer, you will always be ahead of your time and be part of the avant-garde when it comes to lightning detection.


A few steps away from your own lightning-detection system

nowcast adapts the configuration of the lightning-detection system to your individual needs. As such, the targeted operation of the system is ensured.

Simple set-up

The site of a lightning sensor has merely to be supplied with power and a stable internet connection. Moreover, no strong electromagnetic interference fields – such as from radio masts – should be situated in the direct vicinity. The lightning sensor itself comprises an antenna and a processor unit. Both components are small and can be installed with little effort. The field antenna may, for example, be mounted on a building wall or in a field outdoors. The GPS antenna must have an unobstructed view of the sky. Both components can withstand extreme weather conditions. The robust but handy field processor must be set up within a building where it is supplied with power and an internet connection.

Reliable operation

The lightning sensor commences its work as soon as it is switched on and connected to the internet. Should there be no significant interference signals, the data collected by the lightning sensor will be promptly incorporated into the evaluation process of the central server. Perfect calculation of the lightning data – including the height of intra-cloud strokes – is ensured as soon as five lightning sensors with a baseline of around 200 kilometers transmit their data to the central server. From the very beginning, the data transmitted by the individual lightning sensors is continuously stored in the central database and is also available as historical information.

The availability of the lightning sensors is monitored round the clock by the LINET Management System LMS. In addition to the display and recording of the load, availability and signal quality of the individual lightning sensors, the powerful LMS also manages, amongst other things, the analyses, reports and subsequent calculations from the raw data. In addition, the lightning sensors are regularly checked and updated via remote maintenance over the internet.

Business Continuity

nowcast has installed a Business Continuity Management, that insures continued operations in case of a breakdown
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