LINET systems

LINET systems (PDF)

With LINET, nowcast has developed an extraordinarily efficient lightning-detection system. LINET systems enables customers to purchase and operate their own independent and reliable lightning-detection system. LINET fulfils the highest of demands for professional use whilst boasting unrivalled cost-effectiveness.

The advantages

  • coverage of large areas
  • continuous real-time operation
  • unparalleled detection efficiency
  • high location accuracy
  • total lightning: measurement and differentiation between intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes
  • 3D: measurement of the emission height of intra-cloud strokes
  • detection of nowcasting of thunder cells
  • collection of thunder-cell parameters
  • simple set-up
  • highly economical operation
  • easy monitoring

LINET systems in detail...

Who benefits from LINET systems?

For large companies or state-run institutions that wish to operate their own lightning-detection system, LINET systems is the perfect choice. Despite economical operating expenses, LINET systems delivers the most precise and extensive lightning data obtainable with commercial networks. As of the initial operation of this self-contained lightning-detection system, the purchaser of LINET systems can optionally choose from all the other nowcast products, such as LINET view and LINET spot.

Energy suppliers who have to monitor pipelines and oil rigs in regions that are not yet covered by the network rely on LINET systems.

National weather services and the military often operate their own lightning-detection systems. Here too, LINET systems satisfies all the necessary requirements.



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