LINET spot

LINET spot (PDF)

The LINET spot web application allows for the comfortable research of lightning strokes in the past at a pre-defined location and time. In this manner, damage which was presumably caused by lightning or overvoltage can be verified and confirmed or refuted. The results report is qualified for use in expert opinions.

The advantages

  • web application
  • rendering of postal addresses in geographical co-ordinates (geo-coding)
  • single-day and multiple-day queries
  • detailed results report with map display
  • report (PDF)

LINET spot in detail...

Who benefits from LINET spot?

Insurance companies trust LINET spot to verify damage caused by direct lightning strokes or lightning-induced overvoltage. The input of postal addresses allows for a quick, error-free workflow. The resulting report can be used as a basis for an expert opinion.

Technical experts and consultants, energy suppliers and operators of weather-sensitive facilities also investigate damage which has presumably been caused by lightning.



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