Business Continuity

Business Continuity (PDF)

nowcast supplies lightning data and products that are important for its customers’ business models. nowcast has therefore adopted a business continuity strategy providing continuation of business-critical functions in case of any business or technical process disruption. nowcast‘s business continuity strategy also includes information security management, quality, and IT security management.

Business Processes in nowcast Offices

  • nowcast is covered by a certified quality management (ISO 9001:2008).
  • Established information security management processes are of the highest level of accessibility, confidentiality and integrity.
  • General policies on passwords, information security, data privacy protection and home offices, as well as special policies on critical areas of activity such as data centres exist.
  • nowcast has a qualified and trained personnel with specialists in each field of activity.
  • Essential suppliers are contracted with special Service Level Agreements (SLA) that guarantee relevant availability and technical knowledge.
  • We retain reliable internal documentation of all business and technical processes, and recovery plans.
  • 8/5 support with immediate response for all customers; extended 24/7 support available for customers
  • Two support levels are provided:

    • First-Level-Support: initial email or telephone contact for queries and problems regarding data and data delivery.
    • Second-Level-Support: extensive problem-solving.

LINET Network

  • Sealed hardware blocks undetected manipulation.
  • Inherent network redundancy: disruption of a single sensor will not affect network and data quality.
  • Automatic health reporting of each sensor is pushed to network management and automatically analysed to detect faults quickly or in advance.
  • Each sensor contains a local data buffer retaining unsent data for several weeks allowing re-processing in the unlikely case of connectivity errors of single sensors.
  • Local contract partners situated at sensor locations allow for quick physical access of maintenance of processors and antennae.

Data Centers and IT Infrastructure

  • 24/7 operation, monitoring and support
  • Redundant data centers receive, process and deliver data and

    • are geographically separated,
    • are fully redundant regarding hardware, uplink, power supply, air-conditioning and additional UPS,
    • have a 3-level physical access control system with video surveillance.

  • Firewalls, modern authorisation and authentication concepts, and encryption of all data flows inside the IT system to/from customers implement state-of-the-art IT security.
  • A disaster recovery plan (backup/restore) with regular testing for data centers and office infrastructures exists.
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