real-time Tracking & Nowcasting of Thunderstorms (rTNT)

nowcast is proud to present a groundbreaking new feature in lightning detection: Real-time Tracking & Nowcasting of Thunderstorms (rTNT)! All lightning strokes are not only located in real-time but also processed further in the moment of their appearance.

How does this affect the quality of lightning data? The tracking of thunder-cells now happens in real-time, meaning the cell is updated right after a new stroke has been detected. This allows for minimum response time and precision in evaluation of the current situation and nowcasting. Moreover, with cell parameters updated in real-time forecasting of hail – one of the most time-critical alerts – is set to fastest reaction time ever. The implemented messaging architecture is modern and fail-safe to ensure professional reliability.

Users get the lightning information streamed right in the moment of calculation. Subsequently, precise and fast warning is possible to mitigate risks of thunderstorms, especially very severe ones that can cause life-threatening danger and hail. This is important for sectors where prompt decisions have to be made in case of lightning danger. The more recent the data, the better it is for minimizing risks. The step to rTNT real-time processing improves the value of lightning data tremendously.

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