nowcast’s new outdoor LINET Field Processor Rev. D

When a lightning strike occurs, it emits a measurable electromagnetic wave. This wave can be detected by a lightning detection system which then can indicate when and where the stroke has occurred. nowcast's lightning detection sensor consists of three essential components: the LINET Field Antenna, the LINET GPS Antenna and the LINET Field Processor.

The new version of nowcast’s LINET Field Processor Rev. D is smaller and weighs less than its previous version. Due to its new hardware design, it consumes less than half of the energy and may be powered by solar panels. The processor can be set up outdoor without any extra housing for more protection against harsh weather conditions. Also, the installation of the processor was simplified further; just one single Ethernet cable needs to be connected. In case of transmission line interruption, the module is able to store the data for a long time, and sends automatically when the line becomes available.

LINET Sensor Rev. D is a compact computer that acquires raw data from the LINET Field Antenna as well as the GPS antenna, processes it and transmits the measured data to the central LINET Server for further processing. In addition to the raw data it also transfers the sensors’ status information for monitoring the network performance.

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