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In the first quarter of 2016 the nowcast quality study will be released. Matthias Möhrlein, Head of Meteorology, discusses the advantage of using high resolution 3D lightning data in operational weather forecasting. Learn about the development of thunderstorms, its microphysical structure and lightning development. Read also about the data acquisition and quality of LINET and the utilization of the precise and comprehensive lightning data by weather services.

Understanding lightning and its development is crucial to comprehend how lightning detection works. To conceive the critical and decisive aspects of lightning detection, the nowcast quality study explains basic physics of thunderstorm development and derives the essential points that have to be considered when it comes to high precision lightning detection. Furthermore it is important to understand which the really important quality factors for lightning detection are and how to deal with it. Still, the most important part is how lightning data, especially three-dimensional data,  can be applied and interpreted in most important sectors such as National Weather Services.

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