Lightning detection network installation in Serbia and Montenegro

A fast and efficient lightning detection network setup: After winning the tender of SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services) in February, nowcast successfully set up a complete lightning detection network within a few months.

Several LINET lightning detection sensors were installed at different airports in Serbia and Montenegro. A redundant LINET server infrastructure for the reliable processing of the lightning data was integrated in SMATSA’s secured network. All sensors are set up as outdoor installations. The sensors are placed in “meteorological gardens” located close to the towers of the airports. These fenced garden areas contain all sorts of meteorological measurement devices and grant a very low electromagnetic noise level.

Precise lightning data from a reliable lightning detection network such as LINET is essential for plenty of use cases in aviation. Air traffic service providers monitor airspace and navigate air traffic. Quick reaction times and clear information are vital to assess the prevailing weather situation. The availability of precise real-time lightning data increases the quality of aeronautical meteorological observations and builds the basis for a reliable and timely forecasting of severe weather conditions. Planes must not fly into a thunderstorm, their routes have to be adjusted right ahead of time. Precise lightning information help finding the proper route.

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