Global Networks

It’s fascinating to watch: See the most recent strong thunder-cells around the world with all the lightning strikes that just struck on nowcast’s lightning world map.

This exciting map is only possible due to nowcast’s well-working network ‘LINET’.  All LINET networks are compatible with each other, and they cover more and more parts of the world. The recent expansion involved the USA, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and South Korea. Further networks in Nepal and Central America are about to be set up. By now, more than 500 nowcast sensors are running worldwide and the number is increasing rapidly as nowcast’s vision is to establish a high-precision lightning detection network all around the globe. nowcast’s customers appreciate the precise and reliable lightning data that derive from LINET.

nowcast is not only building its own network but also selling complete lightning detection networks from one source for those who plan to install a proprietary network for their very own data such as national weather services and military.

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